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L E F T S N R I G H T S ®
making something from nothing ®
accelerating revenue growth via a complete automation of advertising inventory.
Monetize your website quickly and efficiently without touching the code of your webpages, ever...
or without, actually, doing any work at all.
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Prime Advertising Academy
Hidden Stones in the Revenue Stream of Digital Publishers
Watch Chris Olsen speaking at the Digi Publish conference in New York, days before the Coronavirus Shutdown.
Introduction to a Complete Automation of Advertising Inventory
Watch how to monetize your website quickly and efficiently without touching the code of your webpages.
Viewable Advertising Library (VAL)
Watch how LIQWID VAL enables digital publishers for a complete automation of advertising inventory based on Viewable-only ads, instantly.
Chris Olsen introduces Primebid, the process providing a placement-level bidding auction for viewable ad opportunities pre-verified and presented for bidding in real-time — Viewable Inventory.
Viewable vs Above-the-Fold
See what the LIQWID's Viewability Control does and why the Above-the-Fold is a tricky concept and relevant only at the point of the page load while creating a real limitation to the publishers' revenue potential.
Adaptive Ad Format
Jim Rowan, President at LIQWID, introduces LIQWID Adaptive Ads — a premium ad format providing 100% viewable creative that automatically fits any dynamically set dimensions.
LIQWID Analytics Tutorial
Chapter #1: Client-Side Log
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Increase your revenue potential using power of insights shared by industry veterans.
LIQWID maximizes revenue potential for digital publishers by employing user interactions with the content to deliver 100% viewable ads to locations on the infinite-scroll, lazy-loading, responsive cross-devices, and dynamic AJAX-content pages that cannot be done by Google's DFP.
LIQWID enables digital publishers for earning additional revenue via a Complete Automation of Advertising Inventory and Primebid based on the Viewable Inventory metric.

LIQWID Ad Technology® is an award-winning monetization solution for digital publishers entirely based on Viewable-only inventory for Display, Video, Native, Skins/Wallpaper, Interstitial and Rich Media formats inserted on the fly into the viewport of the user's browsers on desktops and mobile devices.

The LIQWID platform operates exclusively based on Viewable Inventory - a metric based on Viewable Ad Opportunities, pre-verified and presented for bidding in real time.

Via a single universal tag placed at the end of HTML code, publishers are enabled for high viewability programmatic options and to sell direct display, skins and video campaigns based on 100% viewability KPI.

The LIQWID solution can be used as a primary ad manager or as a supplement to the existing publisher advertising platform, providing in such case an additional and entirely incremental revenue stream based on viewable-only ads.

LIQWID Viewable Advertising Library (VAL) and Primebid, enable digital publishers for a premium fold-less inventory associated with quality programmatic demand without any changes in the code of the website required, ever.

The Fold is no more!

Benefits for Publishers
Zero Latency
LIQWID Primebid supported by Viewable Advertising Library (VAL) provides an Ad Unit-level bidding auction for viewable opportunities that arise only after the page-load and performed in the background, eliminating any latency concerns and without any disruption to the user's experience.
Complete Automation of Inventory
Manage all your inventory using the point-and-click dashboard instead of being manually hardcoded in the code of the webpages. This approach allows for the guarantee to both sides of the market that only viewable ad opportunities are presented for programmatic trading and direct sales.
One Tag, all Ad Formats
Use any ad formats and media at any time — Viewability Skins & Wallpapers, Sticky Base & Lead, Interstitials/Webmercials, Adaptive & Rich Media creative, Sponsored setups, Self-cloning in-rails and In-listing ad units on mobile and desktops delivering Display, Video, Rich Media and Native - and media — images, HTML5, streaming links, third-party tags, interactive games, social media and e-commerce inserts.
Create cutting-edge inventory with no programming involved
No coding or time-consuming set up — an effective inventory structure with a variety of viewable-only ad units and creative formats can be set and modified in minutes, enabling publishers for ultimate creativity in terms of their content and advertising inventory structure.
Monetization of Infinite-Scroll, Lazy-Loading, Responsive and Dynamic Content
LIQWD Viewable Advertising Library (VAL) allows for a sophisticated ad inventory setup without any programming involved — the infinite scrolling pages, lazy-loading implementations and responsive cross-device dynamic content loading via AJAX, all based on viewable-only ads.
Sell Direct based on 100% Viewability KPI
You can sell and run in-house display and video campaigns based on the highest viewability criteria or participate in the LIQWID Club program to offer your branded viewable inventory directly to creative agencies.
Increase Yield of your Existing Inventory
Set Placements targeted to your existing ad server slots and benefit from the additional viewable impression opportunities created by a new auction for the slot once it is located in view based on the industry standard criteria for viewable opportunities and refreshing.
Entirely Incremental Revenue Stream
The LIQWID process starts when all the transactions performed at the point of the page load are completed.

The Secondary Market Revenue Stream is exclusively based on premium quality (viewable-only) inventory, including monetization of the "below-the-fold" content using"above-the-fold" pricing and monetization of the unused space on the viewers screen efficiently.
Maximization of Revenue / Impression Opportunities
Benefit from an ultimate efficiency of automated inventory — virtual ad units can be configured to clone automatically based on the website, specific node tree structure or layout pattern, maximizing opportunities based on each individual user engagement of the pages. Monetize efficiently long and dynamic content like Comments sections, Forums, Social Content, e-commerce, games etc. based on viewable-only ads.
High-Viewability Premium Programmatic Demand
Set Viewability Deals with your programmatic demand partners or participate in our partner exchanges' high-viewability PMPs.
Built-in Geo-targeted Global Consent Compliance with the EU cookie law
LIQWID CMP (Cookie Consent), is integrated within the LIQWID all-in-one-tag solution. Many publishers already have a cookie consent implemented in house, but in some cases we are observing these solutions are not integrated with the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework operating on the cross-vendors domain. So even though such in house Consent makes the website compliant with the GDRP requirement, it is useless in terms of advertising revenue. Also it is often delivered without geo-targeting so it disrupts the user's experience in regions where it is not required.

All major demand players on the market are using global consent signals (euconsent) available via IAB Europe registered CMPs which are mostly fees-based services. LIQWID CMP allows publishers to insert a consent tool that is already integrated with the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent and geo-target it to EEA users automatically so it will not disrupt the user experience in all other countries, and it is free for publishers using the LIQWID programmatic program.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do we have to setup passbacks? Or will the ad slot just collapse if you have no advertisers bidding for a particular impression?
You do not need to add passbacks, but you can do it and add your relationship passbacks to any specific ad unit if you find it beneficial at any time. The LIQWID auction that we call Primebid performs in the background for each individual viewable impression opportunity without any disruption to the content and the ad is inserted only if there is a winning-bid ad available. If there is no fill, then the content remains as it is, and we do not need to lower the price to fill the slot because there is no physical slot surface that we need to actually fill or collapse — with LIQWID architecture, the ads slots are virtual.
2. Do you have a platform that we can access to monitor performance/revenue? We will need a per website report on performance and revenue.
The Performance reports are available in near real time on the campaign level, and you can drill down to each individual ad unit. The Programmatic Revenue reports are updated daily.
3. Does LIQWID system show net or gross revenue and how often it updates?
The revenue data is updated daily similar to all other programmatic systems. It shows your net revenue per each site and each individual ad unit for any selected time period.
4. How will payment be handled? Do you have automatic payment we can setup in the platform or will this be based on invoicing?
Please go to My Account —> Account Info and add your banking info in the Banking Info form below. We transfer earnings on the 1st of each month.
5. If payment is based on invoicing, where will we send the invoice?
You do not need to invoice us — the Remittance Invoices generate automatically and are available at any time on the Remittance Invoices screen in the My Account section.
6. What are your payment terms?
The first payment is paid 60 days from the end of the first month of use. Thereafter, payments are made at the first of each subsequent month.
7. Regarding contract length, is there an option where we can opt out anytime?
There is not any commitment required — you can also use our system for your in-house direct sales for both, display and video, based on 100% viewability KPI at any time — it does everything what traditional ad platforms do in terms of campaign management, just based on entirely incremental and automated inventory — entirely supplemental to your existing programs. It is free for publishers who use our programmatic demand so you do not need to opt out — you can just not use it :)
You can turn on and off any ad unit or create new and different and use ours and your demand in combination.
8. Do you provide any training for our AdOps team?
We can train your team to use our Viewable Advertising Library ( and we can set up any ad unit per your requirements at any time.
9. How do we block advertiser categories (ex. automotive)?
We do not have yet the dedicated Blocking screen in the dashboard as of yet (it is coming soon) but you can send us all your blocking requirements and we will implement same day.
10. What options we can use to include the LIQWID Tag in the code of our webpages?
There is no any specific requirement or technique or place in the HTML document where the LIQWID Tag should be included. We recommend including it at the end of the HTML document, somewhere close to the BODY closing tag as the LIQWID process starts after the DOM node tree is being completed by the browser. So, even if you put the tag in the Header, it will not start its process until the browsers parsed the entire code of the page — there is not any benefit to place it in the Header but you can do it if your Tag Manager is already set that way. Some publishers use the DFP 1x1 line item to include the LIQWID tag — however, we do not recommend that as you unavoidably end up with more parts to manage without any benefit of doing so, but technically it would work as well.
11. Do I have to register with a LIQWID authorized partner or should I register with LIQWID directly — what are the benefits of both options?
We are very proud to have great partners and our model is designed in such way that different publisher needs can be achieved in the most optimized way. If you are looking for the easiest way to monetize your website and rely on the experts who know how to manage and optimize programmatic process, we recommend going with one of our authorized partners. This will provide you with more account management resources and a variety of demand options, including in some cases direct campaigns and other custom settings. If you do not need account management and rely on your own expertise or in-house team, then you can register directly with LIQWID. There is no any material benefit of doing it one way or the other — the pricing strategy is designed for both options to be equally effective for publishers.
12. Can I sell direct campaigns or use LIQWID for my in-house needs?
Sure, you can use LIQWID platform for all your in-house direct sales for both, display and video, based on 100% viewability KPI at any time — it is free for publishers who use our programmatic demand.